Make the Kit - A Mini Course

How to Create Functional and Beautiful Scrapbooking Kits Using Your Stash | taught by Victoria Calvin
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Course description

Make the Kit – A Mini Course is a self-paced course that will inspire you to use your stash to make functional and beautiful scrapbooking kits. The course will begin with a brief overview that will cover general information about scrapbooking kits, how to shop your stash for items to include in your kit, how to make, organize, and store your kits, and tips on how to use your kits.

This course includes:

  • 4 Lessons with Instructional Videos and full color PDF Study Guides
  • 5 Exclusive Process Videos that will inspire you!
  • A Tour of Victoria Marie’s Scrappy Stash! See what Victoria Marie uses to make awesome scrapbooking kits!
  • Full Color PDF of the layouts completed in this course
  • Full Color PDF Plan the Kit Checklist
  • Full Color PDF Shop Your Stash Checklist
  • Access to the private Make the Kit Facebook Group!

Price: $12.00

Experience Level: Beginners and Intermediate scrappers; refresher for Experienced scrappers

***NOTE: This is a non-refundable product. All sales are final. Please do not share, sell, or redistribute the content(s) of this course. Thank you!***

Victoria Calvin
Victoria Calvin
Owner and Instructor

Hello and welcome to Victoria Marie Online Courses. My name is Victoria Calvin, owner, paper crafting educator, and freelancer at Victoria Marie. I am passionate about scrapbooking and memory keeping and love to share what I know with other scrapbookers and storytelling enthusiast! My classes are designed to be interactive, fun, and engaging! From me to you, enjoy!

If you have any questions, contact:

Victoria Calvin, Owner and Instructor, at

Course Curriculum

Welcome and Introduction Video
Course Introduction PDF
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Lesson 1 - Kit Fundamentals
Study Guide: Lesson 1 - Kit Fundamentals
Instructional Video: Lesson 1 - Kit Fundamentals
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Lesson 2 - Shop Your Stash
Study Guide: Lesson 2 - Shop Your Stash
Shop Your Stash Checklist PDF
Scrappy Stash Tour!
Instructional Presentation: Shop Your Stash/Kit Elements Pt. 1
Instructional Video: Shop Your Stash/Kit Elements Pt. 2
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Lesson 3 - Make the Kit
Study Guide: Lesson 3 - Make the Kit
Plan the Kit Checklist PDF
Instructional Presentation: Make the Kit Pt. 1
Instructional Video: Review - Plan the Kit Checklist
Instructional Video - Make the Kit Process
Organizing and Storing Your Kits/Review of Lesson 3
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Lesson 4 - Use the Kit
Study Guide: Lesson 4 - Use the Kit
Instructional Presentation: Use the Kit
Kit + Layout PDF
Process Video 1: Theme Driven - "Birthday Girl" (12x12)
Process Video 2: Photo Driven - "My Best" (12x12)
Process Video 3: Product Driven - Same Collection - "This Way to the Fun" (Pocket Layout 12x12)
Process Video 4: Product Driven - Different Manufacturer/Collection - "Fancy Girl" (12x12)
Process Video 5: Embellishment Driven - "Best Ever" (8.5x11)
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Wrapping it Up!
Thanks for taking Make the Kit - A Mini Course!
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Reviews (37)

Make the kit-A Mini Course

by Inez Mericle
I really enjoyed this class. I have so much stash that I always feel overwhelmed when I try and make a layout! I tend to use the same things time after time and forget about the rest of my stash! This mini course helped me organize better, and the pdf checklist is great. This is the second course I have taken from Victoria Marie and I found both enjoyable and helpful, Thank you, Inez Mericle

by Jaime McDonald

So organized and professional

by Theresa Mischel
As always Victoria Marie is so organized and everything is so professional. This course is a great foundation in things to think about when creating and using kits.
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Make the kit-A Mini Course

by Inez Mericle
I really enjoyed this class. I have so much stash that I always feel overwhelmed when I try and make a layout! I tend to use the same things time after time and forget about the rest of my stash! This mini course helped me organize better, and the pdf checklist is great. This is the second course I have taken from Victoria Marie and I found both enjoyable and helpful, Thank you, Inez Mericle

by Jaime McDonald

So organized and professional

by Theresa Mischel
As always Victoria Marie is so organized and everything is so professional. This course is a great foundation in things to think about when creating and using kits.

Awesome class

by Kathaleen Prunty
I made my first kit from my stash!!!! I had watched other you tubers put kits together from their stash, although I never put a kit together after watching their videos, I put one together after watching your video with the check list. I love the check list. <3

Thank You!

by Jessica Marshall
This was the perfect class to watch at the beginning of my summer vacation. I can't wait to get into my scrap room and "shop my stash" to make a variety of kits out of the beautiful things I have. You're videos were amazing, and I loved getting to watch the exclusive process videos at the end. Bravo!

by brenda wharton

Great class!!!!

by Joyce Taylor
I can't wait to get started making my kits. Thanks so much, Joyce

by Paula Powers

Make the Kit

by Brenda letellier
I just finished the class today and signed up for the Layer Like a Boss bundle so I guess that speaks volumes!! I love how Victoria talks to the class. She is concise, witty and friendly. The class materials are very attractive and well put together as well. I cannot wait for Victoria's class an becoming a You Tuber....sorry,....forgot the name of it but I will be in it!!!

Wonderful teacher

by Megan MacLean
Victoria Marie is truly a very gifted teacher! The material in the course is well structured and explained, and she has set a high bar for other online teachers in terms of her attention to detail and professionalism. I've been scrapbooking on an off for 18 years, and she still managed to teach this old dog a new trick or two. I will definitely be signing up for more courses from Victoria in the future. 5++ stars!!

Great title

by Terry Rose
This was a fun course. I enjoyed seeing all the collecting you did to make your kits. The layouts you make are always wonderful Victoria.


by Han-Ni Chen
This is a perfect class for someone who is always trying to make kits but dont know how to start. Making kits is the best way to make layouts. :) So helpful!!!

Fun and Useful Class

by Louise Moore
Great tips and ideas for stash busting! I've been scrapping a long time and got some good ideas from this class for looking at my stash in different ways. Enjoyed Victoria Marie's fun teaching style!

Make the Kit Review

by Yvonne Murillo
I have been making kits for a long time.. So why did I take this course? Did I get any benefit from taking it? Here are my thoughts... I often make kits and tend to put too many item in the kit, which has made them counter productive much of the time.. This series has taught me to just add a select few embellishments choosing several sheets of coordinating paper.. The kits presented here were much smaller than I typically pack but ease the confusion. I highly recommend this class to anyone.. If they have been using kits for years it will help them to streamline there way of creating them. If they have never made a kit it will open there eyes to a whole new way.. Five Star Rating~

Excellent Course

by Sandy Lewis
I have taken many scrapbooking classes online in the past 10+ years. I can honestly say that this was the best arranged and documented class I've taken to date. Victoria is experienced at curricula and lesson planning; she is an excellent speaker and an encouraging and thoughtful teacher. I appreciate the details she put into the paperwork included in the course and the professional presentation she gave through every chapter. I will most definitely take more courses with Victoria.

by Stephanie Blumberg
I loved the check list for making a kit. I made several copies. I also love the process videos. I made a Christmas based kit. I was hoping to get my 2015 Christmas pictures done, but life got in the way. My kit is waiting for me when I find time to get back to it and that is exciting!!! Having the check list will help me just pick up where I left off!

Very helpful!

by Darlene Jungman
Loved all the pdf lists! Nothing better than checking off things. It was great to see how you chose your papers initially and to see the layouts come together from the kits.

I LOVED this Course

by Jessica Hailey
Victoria is an awesome teacher. She explains everything in ways all could understand. I can't wait to make my kits and get prepared for the upcoming RAKs, crops and holidays! Thanks once again for an awesome class. Be Blessed.

Gave me guidance and confidence to create my own kits!

by Karen Williams
This is the first scrappy-related class I've ever taken and I learned so much! The handouts and the checklists were extremely helpful. My stash is huge and I watched several videos on people making kits but I just couldn't quite figure out how to start or what to do. This course was perfect for me. I made a kit and pulled papers for two additional kits. Thank you!

Great Course

by Jennifer Rayner
This was my first course by Victoria Marie. Its a very good course, well thought out and organised. The instructions are well explained and the pdfs well written. Great videos too. Looking forward to having a look at other courses. Thanks VM for taking the time to put your knowledge together for us to learn from, very valuable.

by Julie Rasmussen
This is a very well done course for kit making. I appreciated all the great tips and also how you store your kits and how you use them as well! I think I will definitely be making quite a few kits from my stash!! Thanks, Victoria Marie!

Another great class!

Another great class Victoria! Really helpful perspective and it has been quite productive for me.

Great Mini Course - Make the Kit

by Willie Crawford
I loved this course. I normally print or pull out a picture and then hunt and look through lots of papers and accessories by going through drawers of scrapbook stuff that is organized (but all over the place). Most times it takes me an hour just to find everything I want to look for in a page. By watching Victoria's mini course, I've learned a lot. I know I'll start going through all my paper (and I have a lot) and putting kits together so I don't have to hunt each time. And I especially liked the embellishment kit by itself......that would be fun. Thanks for breaking this down Victoria and explaining and giving examples of each kit. I have learned so much from watching the two courses you have done.

Very beneficial for sure!

by PLynn Harris
This is the 1st online class I've taken in a very long time. I really enjoyed it. It was very well organized, informative and beneficial. Love the checklist (yep, I'm a checklist person as well) I liked the idea of the different type of kits -- that expands the mind to think of the possibilities. I only have 1 critical point -- I do wish you'd made a layout using the kit you created in your video. But that's a small thing compared to what I learned.....thank you! P Lynn

Wonderful course, excellent price

by Traci Rancier
I see so many that put together kits on You Tube and they make it sound so easy. And then I try it and I am so overwhelmed. I never thought to do more than one kit at a time. Brilliant idea! Today I made only one kit, following along with you, like you were right beside me holding my hand! But that one kit is fine for now. I printed out some sketches (which is my go to for inspiration) and my pics and already made my first layout. Thank you so much for the checklists. I think that is exactly what I needed. I am a list maker and that is what keeps me sane. I truly believe that the checklist is the key from getting overwhelmed. I look forward to seeing what other courses you will have in the future. Traci Denton, TX

by Linda Perry


by cindy sadd
Ah Victoria...... I have taken and purchased other "make your own kit" classes and although I really enjoyed them, I only got maybe a thing or two out of them. For the most part, it was put a kit together and just find a picture that works. That process didn't work for me. I struggle because I am a "theme" scrapper and usually form my pages around my pictures and sometimes I go the other way. I LOVED that you talked about and showed how to build different kinds of kits. That helped so much and the lightbulb finally lit in my head. Your list to include is perfect, as the other thing I struggled with was wanting to remember things to include but didn't have at the moment, such as a cut file or something I make from my Circuit or Scan N Cut and having the list to include and writing those things on there to remind me is what I needed. Something so simple, but I just never thought of. I have basically hit a wall with my scrapping because I have SO MUCH STUFF that I just never know what to grab or remember things I have. Your shopping your stash portion was perfect and believe it or not, I never thought about checking my scraps and I have loads of those too! This class was the most helpful class to me that I have every taken and I thank you so very much!!! XOXOXOXOXOXOXOXO EXCELLENT!

by Karin Ioia

by Jean Townsend

Loved this class

by Deborah Stahl
Very simple, very thoughtful, very fun! I enjoyed classes and can't wait to make my own kits.

Lots of content!

by Jennifer Chapin
I really enjoyed this course and thought the content was really rich for the price! I would have preferred that the slide shows be videos, instead of having to click through each one, but overall it was a great class and very well taught. Thank you!

Appropriate title

by Brenda Hobdy
Class was well organized and lessons were very clear! I, personally, prefer the videos and not the slides in the PowerPoint presentation.


by JoAnn Martin
Great course! Love how you take us through the process of putting together your own kit step by step with printable handouts for referencing; best $10 I ever spent! Thanks Victoria for giving me the confidence to try to put my own kit together. 😊


I loved everything the graphics, the tour of your craft space, the well written pdfs and of course the videos! I will be revisiting this course often, because I am sure that I will be completing more paper crafting projects with my ready made kits.


by Lori Boos
Victoria, I loved this course and plan to use it all the time. I scrapbook once a week with friends and this will increase my productivity and decrease everything I lug to the others houses. It is very clear and easy to follow and I love love love the checklist! I am list making girl and love when things get marked off or are broken down on my list. The layouts were beautiful--my two favorites were Best Self and Fashion Girl. I wish you could come to my house and help me really organized my room (it is organized but I think you could tweek it) and I would love some one on one time scrapping with you. I thought you daughter is just adorable and I would love to meet her too (a great scrapbook page for me). I think the fixing the boo boo page is a great idea--Einstein Moment!!! Do you use sketches, layout, etc from other or do you come up with your own? If your own, how do you do that--possible class! Love this class just like the other class, so please keep the classes coming. Lori Boos


by Sarah Swann
Loved this! I went into this unsure if I would learn anything new, since I've made homemade kits before. But let me tell you, some of these tips really helped me. I especially liked the idea of pulling inspiration right into the kit. I pulled an older Amy Tan magazine that I haven't touched in years and I got so many ideas! I also loved how you did layouts from different kit themes. Great examples!

Great Job!

by Karen Hewitt
This was a very informative class and you did a great job. I am happy that I spent the money to take it as it was well worth it. thank you so much.