Layering Like a Boss!

Learn how to use layers to add texture and dimension to your scrapbook layouts. | taught by Victoria Calvin
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Welcome to Layering Like a Boss, a self-pace online scrapbooking class by Victoria Marie! This course will focus on using papers, embellishments, die cuts, and mixed media to create beautiful layers on scrapbook layouts. Scrappers are encouraged to play along while learning these fun techniques!

Here's what this course includes:

  • 10 Exclusive sketches to get your creative juice flowing!
  • 5 Instructional Videos with Study Guides
  • 10 Exclusive process videos to inspire you!
  • Access to a private Facebook Group so you can play along with other scrappers!
  • Email access to the course instructor

This course will cover:

  • Layering Essentials
  • Design Principles
  • Laying with Paper and Specialty Paper
  • Layering Die Cut, Stickers, and Ephemera
  • Layering Mixed Media/Stamping

***NOTE: This is a non-refundable product. All sales are final. Please do not share, sell, or redistribute the content(s) of this course. Thank you!***

Victoria Calvin
Victoria Calvin
Owner and Instructor

Hello and welcome to Victoria Marie Online Courses. My name is Victoria Calvin, owner, paper crafting educator, and freelancer at Victoria Marie. I am passionate about scrapbooking and memory keeping and love to share what I know with other scrapbookers and storytelling enthusiast! My classes are designed to be interactive, fun, and engaging! From me to you, enjoy!

If you have any questions, contact:

Victoria Calvin, Owner and Instructor, at

Course Curriculum

Introduction - Welcome to Layering Like a Boss!
START HERE! Welcome Video
Welcome PDF - Layering Like a Boss
Facebook Group Link - Click Here!
10 Exclusive Sketches!
Layering Like a Boss - Class Layouts
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Lesson 1 - Layering Essentials
Lesson 1 Study Guide - Layering Essentials
Instructional Video - Layering Essentials
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Lesson 2 - Design Principles
Lesson 2 Study Guide - Design Principles
Layout Overview Video
Instructional Video - Design Principles
Process Video - "100 Kisses" (8.5 x 11 Layout)
Process Video - "Last Day" (12 x 12 Layout)
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Lesson 3 - Layering with Paper
Lesson 3 Study Guide - Layering with Paper
Instructional Video - Layering with Paper
Process Video - "Road Buds" (12x12 Layout)
Process Video - "Hello Grands" (8.5 x 11 Layout)
Process Video - "#Retreat" (12x12 Layout)
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Lesson 4 - Layering Die Cuts, Stickers, and Ephemera
Lesson 4 Study Guide - Layering with Die Cuts, Stickers, and Ephemera
Instructional Video - Layering with Die Cuts, Stickers, and Ephemera
Process Video - "Hello Fashion Girl" (8.5 x 11 Layout)
Process Video - "How to Babysit a Grandma" (12 x 12 Layout)
Process Video - "New Girlfriends" (8.5 x 11 Layout)
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Lesson 5 - Layering Mixed Media/Stamping
Lesson 5 Study Guide - Laying Mixed Media/Stamping
Instructional Video - Layering with Mixed Media
Instructional Video - Layering with Stamps
Instructional Video - Adding Texturing and Distressing
Process Video - "I Quit My Job" (12 x 12 Layout)
Process Video - "Summer Fun" (12 x 12 Layout)
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Wrapping It Up!
In Review!
Facebook Group Information
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Course Survey
Layering Like a Boss Student Experience Survey
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Reviews (25)

So inspiring!

by Mariangeles Masegosa
Love the explanations with examples and the class in general :)

by megan crippen

my first course, but not the last

by galen staats
lots of good ideas. excellent class materials. lots of great examples. i am trying them all out
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So inspiring!

by Mariangeles Masegosa
Love the explanations with examples and the class in general :)

by megan crippen

my first course, but not the last

by galen staats
lots of good ideas. excellent class materials. lots of great examples. i am trying them all out

Awesome Class!!!

by Jennifer Morgan
I really enjoyed all of the techniques that Victoria Marie used in this course. I learned so much and it is a great course to review over and over again, especially if you don't feel motivated. This course is for beginners all the way to seasoned Scrapbookers. I have been scrapbooking for over 10 years and this was a great refresher course. She makes layering a new found love for layouts. I can tell the passion she has for being a crafter, and I will definitely be recommending this class. Thank you for all of your time and effort you have put in this course Victoria Marie. Blessings, Jen aka ScrappingmadeEZ

Loved it

by Deborah Wildman
Love the class and content. Some of the dialog was cut off, but other than that it had good flow and felt seamless. Thank you for sharing your talent with us.


by Elizabeth Morris
The best layering class I have ever taken! Love how you build on each step, step-by-step! Easy to understand. Love the way you set up the class with a pdf document with room to list what we would like to try, then move on to the instructional video and videos of your completed layouts. Your voice is very nice too!

A must for all crafty levels!

by yessica salazar
This class was terrific! There is so much information, and the best thing about this class is that you can go at your own pace! I have a very busy schedule, and I love being able to pause the videos and pick right up where I left off when I'm ready to start again. VM goes over tons of different layouts and she walks you through it too! This is so helpful for me personally because I'm a visual person, hence why I watch process videos. I highly recommend this class even if you are a pro or beginner. Everyone uses their products different and it was great to see how VM uses hers. I was able to catch up on three weeks of layouts while watching her course! I love it! I can't wait to start scrapping more layouts! Thank you VM!

Awesome class!!

by Megan Blethen
Thank you so much for this wonderful class! I knew some things, but I also learned a lot and am so excited to take the 2nd one now!! I love your teaching style.

Inspiring Class!

by Jane Doyle
Really enjoyed the class - Victoria is a great instructor. Lots of ideas, hints & tips - it really got me excited to get stuck in and get scrapping. As someone who over thinks every tiny item and never gets anywhere because of it, I love Victoria's relaxed approach - it really is inspiring!

by margie Gonzalez

This class was impressive!

by Tina Ockey
Anytime I purchase a class that is sold by an individual on their own website, I'm always a little bit afraid. You just never know what to expect! So I was super happy to find a very professional classroom setting, AMAZING instructional videos, and some very pretty and in-depth handouts! The process videos, that I knew would be great since I frequently watch Victoria Marie's YouTube Channel, were really just frosting on the cake. In my opinion, the real meat of the course was found in the instructional videos. I was very impressed by the way that she explained both design techniques in Lesson 2 and Layering with Paper in Lesson 3. I easily got my money's worth from this course, and I plan to reference my notes and those handouts often in the next few weeks as I try out many of the things I learned on my upcoming layouts!

Loved it!

by Darlene Jungman
Great course! It was very helpful and I'm applying what I learned every time I work on a layout. It's also one of those courses that I can return to again and again. Unless, of course, you have a Layering Like a Boss 2.

Layering and stash busting all in one!

by Jennifer Wraspir
Not only did I learn a lot about layering, but I found by layering you use up your stash. That's a win win to me. Victoria is super personable and I love how she easily shares her stories about her pages and how she changes her mind in the middle of putting a page together. So many other courses make it look like no one ever changes their minds and you have to be perfect...I love that Victoria and her class is an organized "shoot from your hip" experience.

Layering Like a Boss is an excellent class

by Charlene Piche
This is just the format I've been looking for. Most classes seem to be process videos with very little explanation as to why. Will definitely watch for more classes.


by Joy A. Botelho
Victoria Marie was born to teach. Loved the video's, great content, lots of ideas and techniques. I highly recommend this class to those wanting to learn about layering and those that might find mixed media techniques intimidating. Thank you for the fabulous class!!

Amazing Class!

by Laura Kaplan
I love the layered look on pages, and it's what I strive for, but I've always felt something was missing on my pages. So, I took this class on a whim, having no experience with Victoria Marie before this. I must tell you, this class is phenomenal! I take many online classes, and I loved so much about this one. Instruction in both written and video form, layout examples, actual instruction in the videos, not just a process video (the "dummy" photos cut to the right size is brilliant!), and I really like the actual class website, too. The weekly reminder to work on the class was appreciated, as I tend to sign up for a class and then not get to it for months, if not years. And the interface was very easy and pleasant to look at. Thank you so much. I will definitely be taking more classes with you!

Best User Friendly Class

by Willie Crawford
I have been watching Victoria on You-Tube for about a year. I love the way Victoria explains her scrapbooking style as she scraps, what she used and what make her use an element or a particular piece of paper. She is so great at explaining every step of her process (which doesn't mean you may scrap that way but it gets you that confidence that you can do it !) Victoria's has one of those voices that keeps you interested and watching her whole process as she goes along. This whole Layering Like a Boss Course teaches even a beginner how to not get so overwhelmed or intimidated with the whole process of scrapbooking. I decided to go through the process of watching the (whole) course before I do a page and then I will go back and get some pages done. I love that I got to see some of the other scrappers pages on a daily basis. I am looking forward to taking another scrapbooking course from (you) Victoria. Thanks again, for your time and patience.

Great course for beginner & advanced scrapbookers!

by Kelly Owens
The class was even better than I expected it to be! The layout of the course with both written material & videos was great! The dashboard was very helpful in showing where I was in the course & what sections I still had to go. I love the fact that I can go at my own pace. I work night shift & work a lot of overtime, so it was nice to be able to work on the course at 2:00 a.m. on my days off. I am not able to participate in a lot of classes due to my work schedule so this was great! Victoria is fun to watch & her enthusiasm is contagious! I love the demonstrations! Her scrapbook layouts are so creative! I am looking forward to more great classes!

Excellent Class

by J Clair Karpenko
I have been VM subbie for the last year and I always enjoy her videos. The instructional videos are more in-depth, easy to follow and have plenty of examples. This first time around I watched all the videos without participating. Now I will go back, print out all the materials, re-watch the videos and scrap along. This course has definitely given me inspiration in using more mixed media with my layouts.

Taught by a Boss!

The program used is quite easy to navigate. Great balance of both visual aids and written supporting documents that can be easily printed. Videos, sketches and articles... great mix! Always thoroughly enjoyed your pace and dynamism in all your videos. I enjoyed this class immensely and look forward to the next ones!


by Jessica Hailey
Wow, just WOW! I am so grateful for this course and want to thank you for having it very affordable and yet extremely JAMMED packed with a TON of information. I loved ALL of the lessons but I had some favorite lessons. Lesson 1: was awesome because it allowed me to just have an understanding the basics to layering which is important for anyone with a scrapping Guru/Sensei or a scrapping Grasshopper! Lesson2: Now this lesson awesome I was able to learn about the types of design layouts. I love the fact that I was able to understand what they are and what I am drawn to. I am drawn mostly to centered design style but would love to try them all now that you were able to teach me how to do them and they are not as “scary” as I thought they were to try. Lesson 3: I loved the ways you can use paper to layer which will help with getting rid of my scraps which I have a TON of! Lesson 4: Now this was my favorite of them all!!!! I love the idea or the understanding of having an ANCHOR as my base I can build my cluster of thingy’s … that among a lot of other things were extremely profound for me. I often have a ton of idea on how to do specific project but could never execute because I was always stumped on how to get it to look the way I see it in my head! This anchor concept is especially important for me because one I have that anchor I am able to allow the creative juices flow and complete everything that I want to start. I have so much to do but I excited to now have a way to get them all done because of that anchor idea. Lesson 5: I love this one too. I never know how to use mix media. I never thought that I would like or want to learn how to use mix media because I felt it was messy and that I could not do it correctly and just make a mess and waste. After this course… OMG… I KNOW I am going to be a Mix Media Layering BOSS! Although I don’t own any mix media items or at least I thought until taking this course I have several items just did not know what the heck they were… smh… WOW. I am happy that I did learn where I could use some of my scraps in the layering with paper, however, I must agree with a comment left from Lisa in regards to how to “KILL” my scraps. I have a 2.5 gallon bag full of scraps and will not trash them. I have used my punches to no end but those scraps continue to grow faster than I can punch outs. Now I think I can start layering like a boss and not layering like a reject! I can’t wait for the next classes to come Professor Victoria! Thank you so much. Be Blessed.

by brenda wharton

Awesome sauce!

by lisa sorrow
I love the class.. I have a hard time with layering so it was perfect! I would love to see a class on using stash producTs to make kits!

Great first class!

by Jan Geheb
I loved it! I watched each video (although for some reason it is stating I'm only 57% through with the course so I may have done something to cause that) and I have so many ideas on new layout designs, which is where I get stuck. The only thing I can't make up my mind about is the length of the videos. I loved that they were not very long, but a time or two I wished I knew why the items were being chosen and why the placement. But, on the other hand, I was able to get through the entire course quickly enough to actually finish it, which is saying something for me. I have bought more classes than I care to share, and this is the first I have actually completely finished in years. And, once the layering was placed, it wasn't very hard to see the color choices and ideas working well. I guess I just sometimes like to hear what the person is thinking while choosing products. Overall, I would highly recommend this course! Victoria has one of the most pleasant speaking voices I have heard in a while and her teaching skills are excellent! Thank you Victoria! I look forward to your second class.

by crystal sensabaugh