Scrapbooking Kits Made Easy!

Make the Kit – A Mini Course is a self-paced course that will inspire you to use your stash to make functional and beautiful scrapbooking kits.

  • Learn

    The course will begin with a brief overview that will cover general information about scrapbooking kits, how to shop your stash for items to include in your kit, how to make, organize, and store your kits, and tips on how to use your kits.

  • Tools for Success!

    Students will receive 4 Instructional Videos and full color PDF Study Guides, 5 exclusive Process Videos, a tour of Victoria Marie’s Scrappy Stash, full color PDF of the layouts completed in this course, Plan the Kit Checklist, Shop Your Stash Checklist and access to the private Victoria Marie Online Classes Facebook Group.

  • Make the Kit!

    Throughout this course, you will be challenged to create scrapbooking kits using materials from your stash. Making scrapbook kits helps to streamline the scrapbooking process and increase creativity...a win-win!

Course curriculum

    1. READ THIS FIRST! Retired Course Notification September 2022

    2. Welcome and Introduction Video

    3. Course Introduction PDF

    4. START HERE! Course Announcements!!

    1. Study Guide: Lesson 1 - Kit Fundamentals

    2. Instructional Video: Lesson 1 - Kit Fundamentals

    1. Study Guide: Lesson 2 - Shop Your Stash

    2. Shop Your Stash Checklist PDF

    3. Scrappy Stash Tour!

    4. Instructional Presentation: Shop Your Stash/Kit Elements Pt. 1

    5. Instructional Video: Shop Your Stash/Kit Elements Pt. 2

    1. Study Guide: Lesson 3 - Make the Kit

    2. Plan the Kit Checklist PDF

    3. Instructional Presentation: Make the Kit Pt. 1

    4. Instructional Video: Review - Plan the Kit Checklist

    5. Instructional Video - Make the Kit Process

    6. Organizing and Storing Your Kits/Review of Lesson 3

    1. Study Guide: Lesson 4 - Use the Kit

    2. Instructional Presentation: Use the Kit

    3. Kit + Layout PDF

    4. Process Video 1: Theme Driven - "Birthday Girl" (12x12)

    5. Process Video 2: Photo Driven - "My Best" (12x12)

    6. Process Video 3: Product Driven - Same Collection - "This Way to the Fun" (Pocket Layout 12x12)

    7. Process Video 4: Product Driven - Different Manufacturer/Collection - "Fancy Girl" (12x12)

    8. Process Video 5: Embellishment Driven - "Best Ever" (8.5x11)

    1. Thanks for taking Make the Kit - A Mini Course!

About this course

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  • 26 lessons
  • 2 hours of video content


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