Multiphoto Layout Design

This class is chock-full of techniques and design tips that will inspired you to make stunning multiphoto layouts.

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    Learn about basic multiphoto layout design using my Story+Photo+Design process! Explore design techniques to include: Collage Design, Grid Design, Pocket Layout Design, Playing with Photo Size, Exploring with Photo Shapes, and how to resize photos using popular phone and online apps!

  • Tools for Success!

    Students will receive 5 Instructional Lessons, 10 Instructional Process Videos, full color Instructional Guide PDF for each lesson, and access to the private Multiphoto Love Facebook Group where you can share your layouts and hang out with others from the class!

  • Have Fun and Play!

    This interactive course provides students an opportunity to learn simple multiphoto design techniques while creating stunning scrapbook layouts. Try something new and have fun!

Course curriculum

    1. READ THIS FIRST! Retired Course Notification September 2022

    2. START HERE! Introduction and Welcome

    3. Immediate Access to Pre-Class Project Pages PDF

    1. Multiphoto Love Instructional Guide PDF

    2. Multiphoto Love Project Pages Guide PDF

    1. Start with a Process

    2. Start with a Process (Updated PowerPoint PDF 6/12/17)

    1. Tools You Can Use Intro

    2. Digital Tools - Online

    3. Digital Tools - Phone Apps

    4. Manual Tools

    1. Lesson 1 Instructional Video: Collage Design

    2. Lesson 1 Instructional Process Video #1 - "Grandparent's Day" (12x12 Layout)

    3. Lesson 1 Instructional Process Video #2 - "Spring Musical" (8.5x11 Layout)

    1. Lesson 2 Instructional Video - Grid Design

    2. Lesson 2 Instructional Process Video #1: "Spirit Week" (12x12 Layout)

    3. Lesson 2 Instructional Process Video - "Pretty Beautiful Day" (12x12 Layout)

About this course

  • $40.00
  • 26 lessons
  • 4.5 hours of video content


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