Do You Struggle To Get Your Scrapbook Projects Done?

If your answer is a resounding YES, rest assured that you are not alone! With easy to use strategies and techniques, it is possible to get your scrapbook projects DONE! And I've got simple processes to help you do exactly that!

Hello, I'm Victoria!

And I'm here to help you achieve your scrapbook project goals!

Hey my friend! I'm Victoria Calvin and I truly believe when you are equipped with the right tools and techniques, you can begin to complete your unfinished projects, increase your creative productivity, and reduce overwhelm. Doesn't that sound amazing? There have been over 250 students who have completed the Project DONE Online Course and many are continuing to get their projects DONE. Want to join them? Let's begin to narrow your project focus and get to work!

It's Time To Get Your Projects DONE!

Project DONE: A 12-Week Intensive Scrapbooking Journey, is an online scrapbooking course that helps scrapbookers will learn how to develop a plan of action to increase creative productivity and finish a carefully selected number of scrapbooking projects in a 12-week session! If you are looking to hyper-focus and get some of your scrapbook projects DONE, this course is for you!

What's Included In This Course?

  • 12-Week Intensive Scrapbooking Journey

    The Project DONE 12-Week Intensive Scrapbook Journey is jammed packed with robust scrapbook project management content, techniques, tips, and support. Each weekly session is focused on a different theme, designed to provide strategies and techniques for getting your scrapbook projects DONE!

  • Robust Content

    Enjoy weekly online content to include Live Zoom and recorded video instructional sessions, LIVE Zoom Project DONE Focus Hour co-working sessions, printable Project DONE Instructional PDF Workbooks, creative project challenges, and opportunities to build a community of scrapbookers who are working on finishing incomplete scrapbooking projects.

  • Goal Setting + Reach Your Target!

    In this course you will set creative SMART goals to help you identify what projects you can realistically finish in a 12-week period. Additionally, you will receive ongoing support and guidance from the course instructor and your fellow classmates as you work toward your Project DONE Goals!

Why This Course?

Sometimes, you just need to hunker down and get it DONE!

This 12-week intensive course will help you break through the barriers that are keeping you from completing your scrapbook projects. With realistic project management tools and techniques, you can achieve your scrapbooking goals!

The Course Details

The Project DONE journey is designed to help you get your unfinished scrapbook projects DONE!

  • In this course, you will identify and prioritize a select number of unfinished scrapbook projects that you can realistically complete within a 12-week session. You will breakdown your overall project goals over the course of 12-weeks, focusing on 1-3 scrapbook projects during this intensive session. This class is designed for those who want to hyper-focus on a specific set of projects and get them DONE!

  • You will have an opportunity to engage in weekly content themes that address common challenges that often impact the scrapbooking process. The course activities are centered around the weekly themes. Themes include: Setting Intentions and Realistic Creative Goals, Batching and Blocking, Creating an Efficient Project Workflow, and much more!

  • Project DONE Co-Working Sessions: Hang out with the Project DONE community during our co-working sessions! The Project DONE Focus Hour co-working sessions are offered live on Zoom each week during the 12-week course session. These sessions are designed to help you hyper-focus on a project or task related to your Project DONE goals. It's amazing what can be accomplished in one hour!

  • Get access to weekly content to include one (1) recorded instructional video, one (1) Live Zoom Instructional Session, and full-color workbook PDFs that contain activities based on the week's content theme. The Live Zoom Instructional Sessions are recorded and made available for playback. Can't attend the Live Zoom Instructional Session? No worries! You are welcome to view the recorded content at your leisure!

  • You will have access to the course 24/7 and the content is available indefinitely! Also, the platform is 100% mobile responsive, meaning that you can access the class on your phone, tablet, or computer WITHOUT a mobile app!

  • INSTANT ACCESS! Enroll today and get instant access to the available Pre-Course Content. Your Project DONE journey starts NOW!

Ready to Get Your Scrapbook Projects DONE?

Grab this course for a one-time payment of $120.00 USD or 2 payments of $60.00 USD, billed monthly! Enrollment ends on January 15, 2023!

Course Content

This online course begins on February 1, 2023! Get started NOW with the Pre-Work Activities!

    1. Welcome!

    2. REVISED! Focus Hour Session Scheduled (2/10/2023)

    3. Facebook Group Community - Project DONE Student and Alumni Community!

    4. PRINT! Project DONE 12-Week Course Content Calendar

    5. PRINT! Project DONE 12-Week Live Zoom Instructional Session and Focus Hour Calendar

    1. Let's Get Started - Introduction and Reminders

    2. VIDEO: Let's Get Started - Introduction and Reminders

    1. PRINT! Week 1: Setting Intentions and Realistic Goals Workbook

    2. VIDEO! Week 1: Setting Intentions and Realistic Goals

    3. RECORDED REPLAY: Week 1: Live Zoom Instructional Session - Setting Intentions and Realistic Goals

    1. PRINT! Week 2: Batching and Blocking - Finding Time For Your Creative Tasks Workbook

    2. VIDEO! Week 2 Instructional Video - Batching and Blocking: Finding Time For Your Creative Tasks

    3. RECORDED REPLAY - Week 2 Live Instructional Session: Batching and Blocking: Finding Time For Your Creative Tasks

About this course

  • $79.99
  • 46 lessons
  • 17 hours of video content

What People Are Saying About Project DONE!

This course was was worth every penny! This class kept me motivated to finish projects and set new goals!  You will not regret signing up for this! 

- Kim, Project DONE Alumni

This class has showed me how to find scrappy time when I thought I had none during the week. I love doing something for 30 minutes instead of nothing for 3 hours. The biggest take away from this class though is “ letting go.” I have learned just because I started a project does not mean I need to finish it. Just because I took a class does not  mean I have to complete the project the exact way it was designed. I “let go” of unrealistic expectation I placed on myself. I started doing what felt good right now and I was able to finish projects

- Tracy, Project DONE Alumni

Project Done is exactly what my scrapbooking mojo needed. It is a bargain for what you get. Amazing content that motivates, teaches and connects us to scrapbooking. The bonus is I created more pages than ever before. I also improved my work flow, my craft space and made friends. This class provided the best kind of support when I needed it the most. Thank you Victoria. Best class ever! 

- Deana, Project DONE Alumni

Enroll Today!

Ready to get your scrapbook projects DONE? Enroll today! Select a one-time payment of $120.00 USD or TWO payments of $60.00 USD (2 x $60.00), automatically billed over two months. Start your Project DONE Journey today! Enrollment ends on January 15, 2023!


  • Is this course online?

    Yes, this course is 100% online! All of the course content is hosted in the Victoria Marie Designs Online Classroom, powered by Thinkific. Additionally, links to live Zoom sessions are provided and posted in the online classroom.

  • How long will I have to access to the course?

    You will have 24/7 access to this course as long as you remain enrolled. You can start, resume, or stop the course content at anytime.

  • Do I need any special supplies or materials for this course?

    It is not necessary for you to purchase new supplies or materials for this course.

  • What do you mean by "intensive scrapbooking journey"?

    This 12-week intensive course requires a level of commitment and focus needed to complete 1-3 scrapbook projects within a short period of time. This means that you will be working every week for 12-weeks on a scrapbook project(s) of your choice along with the weekly course content activities and instructional sessions. It will be intense, but you can totally do it!

  • Are the Zoom sessions recorded for replay?

    The Live Zoom Instructional Sessions are recorded for replay. However, the Project DONE Focus Hour co-working sessions are not recorded.

Time to Get Focused...Let's Go!

Set your creative goals and get your projects DONE.