It's Time To Get Your Projects DONE!

Project DONE: A Year-Long Scrapbooking Journey, is a 12-month, self-paced online scrapbooking journey where scrapbookers will learn how to develop a plan of action to increase creative productivity and finish a carefully selected number of scrapbooking projects throughout the year.

What's Included In This Course?

  • 12-Month Scrapbooking Journey

    The Project DONE journey is jammed packed with robust scrapbook project management content, techniques, tips, and support. The journey spans a 12-month period, with each month focused on a different theme.

  • Robust Content

    Enjoy monthly content to include Live Zoom and recorded video instructional sessions, LIVE Zoom co-working sessions, printable Project DONE Instructional PDF Workbooks, creative project challenges, and opportunities to build a community of scrapbookers who are working on finishing incomplete scrapbooking projects.

  • Goal Setting + Reach Your Target!

    In this course you will set creative SMART goals to help you identify what projects you can realistically finish in a 12-month period. Additionally, you will receive ongoing support and guidance from the course instructor and your fellow classmates as you work toward your Project DONE Goals!

Get Your Projects DONE!

The Project DONE journey is designed to help you get your unfinished scrapbook projects DONE!

  • In this course, you will identify and prioritize a select number of unfinished scrapbook projects that you can realistically complete within a 12-month period. You will breakdown your overall project goals over the course of the year, focusing on a few scrapbook projects each month. This will help to reduce creative overwhelm and help you get your projects DONE!

  • You will have an opportunity to explore monthly themes that address common challenges that can impact the scrapbooking process. The course content and activities are centered around the monthly themes. Themes include: creative project management, writer's block, making time for scrapbooking, developing a consistent photo management system, and creative exploration.

  • Hang out with the Project DONE community during our co-working sessions! The Project DONE Focus Hour co-working sessions are offered live on Zoom each month. These sessions are designed to help you hyper-focus on a project or task related to your Project DONE goals. It's amazing what can be accomplished in one hour!

  • Get access to 1 recorded instructional video and 1 Live Zoom Instructional Session per month. The Live Zoom Instructional Sessions are recorded and made available for playback. Can't attend the Live Zoom Instructional Session? No worries! You are welcome to view the recorded content at your leisure!

  • You will have access to the course 24/7 and the content is available indefinitely! Also, the platform is 100% mobile responsive, meaning that you can access the class on your phone, tablet, or computer WITHOUT a mobile app!

  • INSTANT ACCESS! Enroll today and get instant access to the available course content. Your Project DONE journey starts NOW!

What People Are Saying About Project DONE!

This course was fabulous! I had a very busy year and did not get to join in on all the zoom meetings, but it was still worth every penny! This class kept me motivated to finish projects and set new goals every month! And when I did participate in the zooms… well they were so fun! The time would fly by! I’ve signed up for 2022 and one of my goals is to attend more of the zoom classes. You will not regret signing up for this! 

- Kim, Project DONE Alumni

This class has showed me how to find scrappy time when I thought I had none during the week. I love doing something for 30 minutes instead of nothing for 3 hours. The biggest take away from this class though is “ letting go.” I have learned just because I started a project does not mean I need to finish it. Just because I took a class does not  mean I have to complete the project the exact way it was designed. I “let go” of unrealistic expectation I placed on myself. I started doing what felt good right now and I was able to finish projects

- Tracy, Project DONE Alumni

Project Done is exactly what my scrapbooking mojo needed. It is a bargain for what you get. Amazing content that motivates, teaches and connects us to scrapbooking all year long. The bonus is I created more pages in a year than ever before. I also improved my work flow, my craft space and made friends. This class provided the best kind of support during this pandemic when I needed it the most. Thank you Victoria. Best class ever!

-Deana, 2021 Project DONE Alumni

Course Curriculum

New Content Added Each Month in 2022!

    1. Welcome! Class Starts on January 4, 2022

    2. 2022 Project DONE Course Calendar

    3. READ! 4/7/2022 Announcement! New Facebook Group - Project DONE Student and Alumni Community!

    1. Navigating the Project DONE Course Platform

    2. Video: How to Navigate This Course

    1. Jump Right In! Project Planning Exercise

    2. 2022 Project Planning Worksheet PDF

    3. TOOL! Accountability Calendar PDF

    1. PRINT! January Workbook PDF - Setting Intentions and Realistic Goals

    2. Instructional Video: Welcome + Setting Intentions and Realistic Creative Goals

    3. Project DONE Community - Come Hang Out and Share!

    4. Weekly Update: January 11, 2022 - Getting Started with the Project DONE Content

    5. Recorded Replay! Live Zoom Instructional Session - Mid Month Check-In

    1. PRINT! February Workbook PDF - Managing Your Creative Time

    2. Instructional Video: Managing Your Creative Time

    3. RECORDED REPLAY: Live Zoom Instructional Session - February 23, 2022

    1. PRINT! March Workbook PDF - Scrapbook Project Management

    2. Instructional Video: Scrapbook Project Management

    3. Live Zoom Instructional Session and Mid Month Check-In - March 16, 2022

    4. ZOOM LINK! Focus Hour Session - March 10, 2022 (10:00 am CST)

    5. ZOOM LINK! Focus Hour Session - March 22, 2022 (7:00 pm CST)

    6. RECORDED REPLAY! Live Zoom Instructional Session - March 16, 2022

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