The eBook and Mini Course

Do you like scrapbook sketches? Want to learn more about using sketches to create stunning scrapbook layouts? Get ready for Sketch Like a Boss, an eBook and Mini Course!

  • The eSketch Book

    The Sketch Like a Boss eBook includes a mix of 50 easy to use 8.5x11 inch and 12x12 inch single and double page scrapbook sketches. Use the sketches as they are designed or mix it up to create your own unique layout design!

  • Need Help? Step-by-Step Instructions

    Not sure how to use a scrapbook sketch? No worries! Included in the Sketch Like a Boss eBook are detailed instructions, tips, and tricks for using scrapbook sketches.

  • The Online Mini Course

    Included with the Sketch Like a Boss eBook is the Sketch Like a Boss Mini Course. This mini course includes one instructional video and three (3) instructional process videos using sketches from the Sketch Like a Boss eBook. Students are encouraged to use the ebook along with the mini course!

E-Book and Course Content

    1. READ THIS FIRST! Retired Course Notification September 2022

    2. Welcome to Sketch Like a Boss!

    1. Next steps

    2. Creative Jumpstart - Preview Sketches!

    3. Before you go...

    1. Sketch Like a Boss eBook - Original Edition 2019

    2. Sketch Like a Boss eBook - Revised Edition September 2022

    1. Introduction and Sketches 101

    2. Instructional Process Video: Literal Intrepretation

    3. Instructional Process Video #2: Mix It Up

    4. Instructional Process Video #3: Double Page Play

    1. Sketch Like a Boss eBook and Mini Course

About this course

  • $45.00
  • 12 lessons
  • 1 hour of video content


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