A New Way to Document Your Holiday Stories

Learn how to create 1 album that features 12 of your most cherished holiday stories.

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    Through creative story prompts, we will begin to explore a variety of stories that might not otherwise be told: childhood holiday memories, family traditions, events, experiences, recipes, stories told through multiple perspectives, loss, failure, celebrations, heritage stories, just to name a few.

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    Course includes instructional videos with full color PDFs to include a course study guide, Holiday Project Story Prompts, Project Planner and Calendar, exclusive sketches to inspire your creativity and access to the private Victoria Marie Online Classes Facebook group.

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    This holiday, try a new way of documenting your most treasured holiday stories - past or present!

Course curriculum

    1. Welcome and Introduction PDF

    2. Welcome and Introduction Video

    3. Facebook Group Link - Click Here!

    4. Sketches For Creative Inspiration!

    1. Week 1 Study Guide - The Story

    2. Pre-Writing: List of Stories PDF

    3. Pre-Writing: My 12 Stories PDF

    4. Pre-Writing: Story Draft Worksheet PDF

    5. Story Prompts PDF

    6. Instructional Video: The Brainstorming Process

    7. Instructional Video: Pre-Writing Process

    8. Instructional Video: Story Prompts

    9. Instructional Video: Working Through the Pre-Writing Process

    1. Week 2 Study Guide - The Album

    2. Layout Planner Worksheet PDF

    3. My Album Planner PDF

    4. Supply Checklist PDF

    5. Instructional Video: Album Selection

    6. Instructional Video - Preparing Your Album

    7. Instructional Video: Layout Design

    8. Instructional Video: Supply Selection and Organization

    1. Week 3 Study Guide - The Commitment

    2. Instructional Video: Week 3 - The Commitment

    1. Week 4 Study Guide - The Process

    2. Project Planner PDF

    3. Project Calendar PDF

    4. Instructional Video: Week 4 - The Process

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12 Stories 1 Album - Are You Ready?

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