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  • Ready to be a Scrapbook YouTuber?

    Are you interested in starting a scrapbook YouTube Channel or enhancing your existing channel? Do you want to learn how to easily edit and post videos, manage your YouTube content and grow your channel?  Look no further! This master class is for you! Learn the techniques and skills you need to start and/or grow your scrapbook YouTube channel!

  • Easy and Effective Content!

    This 6-week master course will cover how to: (1) Set up and manage a YouTube channel, (2) Basic video editing techniques (to include voiceover training) and equipment for creating high quality videos, (3) How to create and manage your creative content (i.e. curating ideas, creating an editorial calendar, scheduling posts), and (4) How to monetize and grow your YouTube channel. By the end of the 6-week session, students will have a fully functioning YouTube Channel with video content! Yep, you read that right! 

  • Support and Coaching

    Students enrolled in this Master Class will receive: One-on-one coaching (12 sessions for 1 year) with the course instructor, LIVE interactive instructional sessions (recorded for later viewing), PDF instructional guides, planning tools, and resources designed to help you start and/or grow your YouTube channel, feedback from the course instructor, assistance with growing your channel, and access to the EXCLUSIVE YouTube Master Class Facebook Group - a great way to interact with other Master Class Students! At the completion of this course, you will be a certified Victoria Marie YouTube Master Class for Scrapbook Creatives Graduate! As such, you will receive a FREE banner that you can display on your blog, on social media, and on your YouTube video title or end card. How cool is that! 

Pre-Sale Content

    1. Excellent Content Awaits You!

    1. A Message from Your Instructor!

    2. Survey - Tell Me What You Would Like to Learn!

    3. Next Steps...

    4. REVISED Schedule PDF

    5. Live Session Schedule

    6. Zoom Video Conferencing - How to Access the YouTube Master Class Live Sessions

    1. Welcome to Week 1 - YouTube 101!

    2. Week 1: YouTube 101 Instructional Guide and Workbook

    3. Action Items : Week 1 - YouTube 101

    4. Live Session: Week 1 - YouTube 101 (Recorded on 1/19/19 - 7:00 pm)

    5. Overview: YouTube Creators Studio - Tools for Managing and Growing Your Channel

    1. Welcome to Week 2: Filming Basics

    2. Week 2: Filming Basics Instructional Guide and Workbook PDF

    3. Action Items: Week 2 - Filming Basics

    4. Week 2 - Filming Basics: Prep and Setup

    5. Week 2: Filming Basics - HandBreak Video Transcoder Overview

    6. Live Session: Week 2 - Filming Basics (Recorded on 1/26/19 - 10:00 am)

    1. Welcome to Week 3: Editing Basics

    2. Capstone Project: Master Class YouTube Channel Hop - March 2019

    3. Week 3 - Editing Basics: Instructional Guide and Workbook

    4. Week 3 - Editing Basics: Action Items

    5. Week 3 - Editing Basics Live Session (Recorded on February 2, 2019)

    6. Week 3 - Editing Basics: How to Make Title Cards

    7. Week 3 - Editing Basics: How to Make End Cards

    1. Week 4 - Content Management: Instructional Guide and Workbook

    2. Week 4: Live Session - Content Management

About this course

  • $250.00
  • 35 lessons
  • 10.5 hours of video content

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