Robust Storytelling Made Easy

Writer’s Block is an online self-paced course that focuses on robust journaling and storytelling techniques for scrapbookers.

  • Capture Your Audience

    This course will cover journal writing barriers, how to capture your audience, finding your storytelling voice, and simple journaling tips and techniques that you can use immediately to enhance your storytelling skills.

  • Tools for Success!

    Students will receive 5 Instructional Videos with Interactive Journaling Exercises, a Full Color Writer’s Block Course Instructional Guide PDF, 5 Extensive Instructional Process Videos, 1 Bonus Instructional Process Video Story Prompts PDF, and immediate access to the exclusive Victoria Marie Online Classes Facebook Group.

  • You Can Do This!

    Don't let your stories go undocumented. With easy to learn journaling techniques, you will become a robust journaling memory keeper in no time! You CAN do this.

Course curriculum

    1. READ THIS FIRST! Retired Course Notification September 2022

    2. Course Introduction - Welcome to Writer's Block!

    3. Welcome to Writer's Block PDF

    1. Writer's Block Story Prompts PDF

    2. Instructional Guide Cover Page PDF

    3. Lesson 1 - "Start with the Story" Instructional Guide PDF

    4. Lesson 2 - "Capture Your Audience" Instructional Guide PDF

    5. Lesson 3 - "Finding Your Voice" Instructional Guide PDF

    6. Lesson 4 - "Becoming a Robust Storyteller" Instructional Guide PDF

    7. Lesson 5 - "Robust Storytelling Tips and Tricks" Instructional Guide PDF

    8. Instructional Process Video Layout Photos PDF

    1. Lesson 1 Instructional Video - Start with the Story

    2. Lesson 1 Instructional Process Video - "Solar Eclipse" (12x12 Pocket Layout)

    1. Lesson 2 Instructional Video - Capture Your Audience

    2. Lesson 2 Instructional Process Video - "Brunchin' Ladies" (12x12 Layout)

    1. Lesson 3 Instructional Video - Finding Your Voice

    2. Lesson 3 Instructional Process Video - "Art is Life" (12x12 Layout)

    1. Instructional Process Video - Becoming a Robust Storyteller

    2. Instructional Process Video - "Family is Everything" (12x12 Layout)

About this course

  • $35.00
  • 22 lessons
  • 3 hours of video content


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